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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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I came across this somewhat informative video series of a lecture that John Perkins delivered to a gathering of some anti-war veterans group. John Perkins is a former economic hit man for the U.S. corporatocracy who decided to 'do the right thing' by defecting and sharing his story with 'the people'. As he says in the video, he speaks only from experience (he doesnt claim to be any sort of intellectual) and consequently his analysis is not at all deep or thorough, but he gives us some excellent insights into the day-to-day practices of hegemonic capitalists.  (continued...)

Doomsday vault to avert world famine -- New Scientist

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The government of Norway has decided to do a service to humanity, by building a huge 'doomsday seed vault' for our post-apocalyptic future. They hope to have represented ALL of the world's varieties of domesticated crops. A monumental task... like backing up the hard drive of human civilization. (continued...)

Honeybee Die-Off Threatens U.S. Food Supply

I've been meaning to post something about the widening crisis among apiculturists in some of the world's most important food exporting nations. For those who havent been paying attention; beekeepers are reporting massive mysterious dieoffs in their hives...hives totally abandoned, without even the bodies of dead bees, yet untouched by foragers, among other strange symptoms. It's been termed Colony Collapse Disorder and I havent read one article about it that isnt quite alarmist (and rightly so), but this article from the Associated Press stood out. Not only is it thoroughly "mainstream", it's probably the most apocalyptic of all the bee extinction articles I've seen. (continued...)

Culture Sculpts Neural Response To Visual Stimuli, New Research Indicates

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Some interesting news from the neuroscientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign... apparently, as many have long believed, 'culture' clearly modifies even the adult brain. Of course the possible ways in which we are altered by our environment are nearly limitless -- if culture alters our visual perception at such fundamental levels then what about emotion or memory, or the very nature of consciousness.  (continued...)

Rooftop Wind Turbines Ready For Commercial Use

From Rooftop Wind Turbines Ready For Commercial Use : MetaEfficient:

I've been thinking a lot lately about appropriate technology and sustainable energy, and all the other aspects of a hypothetical 'urban ecovillage'. It turns out that I'm not the only person to be thinking along those lines and there's actually a lot of information relevant to the subject and already a lot of technology developed that would be suitable to the purpose.  (continued...)

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