Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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I came across this somewhat informative video series of a lecture that John Perkins delivered to a gathering of some anti-war veterans group. John Perkins is a former economic hit man for the U.S. corporatocracy who decided to 'do the right thing' by defecting and sharing his story with 'the people'. As he says in the video, he speaks only from experience (he doesnt claim to be any sort of intellectual) and consequently his analysis is not at all deep or thorough, but he gives us some excellent insights into the day-to-day practices of hegemonic capitalists. He reveals the role of foreign aid in the 'carrot & stick' approach to global domination by multinational corporations... and how foreign aid never helps the individuals citizens, but always the oligarchy of the country in question (and also of course the multinational corporations who actually receive the bulk of the aid money). Along those lines he provides a succinct and logical analysis of the current situation in the Middle East... touching briefly on the importance of controlling the region's oil resources. Yet his mention of that fact doesnt seem consistent with his reply to a question later decrying peak oil as a scam. This can be overlooked however by listening to his complete reply (and also by applying his disclaimer that he only speaks from experience and that he's not a researcher)... he seems not to understand the fundamental physical constraints to petroleum production, deferring to the economists' obfuscation of Hubbert's theories (i.e., that peak oil wont occur exactly when the Hubbert Peak would predict, because of geopolitical and economic complexities) which anyone should be able to see is not a refutation... and certainly not proof of a 'scam'.

Anyway, here's the lecture, in three parts... make of it what you will...

Part 1 -- (~30min):

Part 2 -- (~30min):

Part 3 -- (~15min):