A New Trend In Art? -- Anthropomorphic Representations of Roadkill

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I recently came across two mainstream press articles related to anthropomorphizing dead forest creatures for the sake of art. Perhaps it's just a strange coincidence that I find one such account yesterday and then another today, or perhaps this sort of thing is becoming more common. Either way, it caught my attention...

Some of the dead possums and raccoons have been dressed in pet or human baby clothes and have had their claws painted with nail polish. The carcass of a deer has been adorned with gold paint.

I think it says a lot about our alienation from the wild biotic community, of which we're destined to be a part. It expresses the longing that we feel for authentic connected experiences with the rest of 'creation', and simultaneously demonstrates our fumbling attempts to alleviate that longing.

I wonder... would it be considered 'art' if a person were to live by a particular stretch of highway for some time, subsisting solely on a diet of animals killed by automobiles and warmed only by their preserved skins and furs, until such a time that they've accumulated enough animal bones to build an effective barricade, which they use to close the highway?

Would it make the papers? The court records? ... or perhaps just the medical files? An artist using himself as the subject is passé -- or megalomaniacal... but to use himself & his subjective reality as the medium, this is still very troubling in our society. More troubling, I'd think, than using animal carcasses.

Where is the line drawn between 'art' & 'body modification' or 'mind modification' (call that 'insanity', if you'd like)... or the line between 'man' and 'nature'... or any lines at all? Where, for that matter, is the line between question and answer?

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(Artist, Jessica May, applying gold spray paint to the corpse of a deer)

"I'm not trying to be any sort of militant activist for animals' rights or anything like that." -- Jessica May