Attack of the SpamBots! ...Retrolithic Determined to Remain an Ad-Free Blog!

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Due to an attack of pernicious and prolific spambots -- who either just now found the site or else just now developed the means to overcome our defense mechanisms -- I have had to disallow unregistered users from being able to post comments without approval. I do want to apologize for any inconvenience this causes; I know I personally prefer being able to post to a site without registering AND without waiting for my comments to appear... And, as time permits, I will be actively working on a technical fix that will allow this degree of functionality to be returned to this site.

I do sincerely hope that anyone who has something relevant to contribute to a post would not hesitate to do so. And that everyone can rest-assured that this is not intended as a means to censor any criticism or stifle any debate, nor is it some extortionist strategy to force registration... ANY COMMENT that is left by an unregistered user who is not a robot trying to scam Google, or sell Viagra, or phish for credit-card info, etc. will eventually be approved and appear among the threaded comments in the order it was received. Though it would definitely help if unregistered users could include a descriptive title for their comment -- to help moderators more easily separate the wheat from the chaff. And it would also be very helpful if any registered users who have free-time could volunteer to help in this process of separating the spam from the actual comments... as we are now getting several dozen commercial 'spam' posts each day and the approval queue will need to be carefully sorted, one post at a time, until an updated captcha or other spambot-blocking mechanisms can be put in place.

And, if you DO want the instant-gratification of seeing your comments posted immediately, without going through the approval queue, then remember that registration is a simple & painless process... and that Retrolithic will NEVER contact you with any offers to sell products or promote services. In fact, we'll probably never contact you at all... unless you choose to be automatically notified when someone replies to a post of yours, or any of the other similar 'perks' of being a registered user.

So, a special thanks to all who continue to read and post on this site during this difficult period. And, again, my apologies for the inconvenience and frustration that I know this is bound to cause for many of you.