Global Food Prices Hit New Record High

As riots and rebellions are already rocking northern African nations (and parts of the Arabian peninsula) with the intensity to destabilize and topple governments that have maintained power for decades; the marginalized and disenfranchised people of the world will undoubtedly find increasingly more reasons to organize themselves into enraged mobs. As if decades of political corruption, social injustice, and increasing economic stagnation were not enough, the UN's Food & Agriculture Organization has released their latest figures indicating that the price of staple foodstuffs has risen to an all-time high, surpassing (on average) the last period of crisis (in 2008) that sparked food riots in nations around the world, when the price of corn, soy, and sugar all skyrocketed based partly on speculation of a burgeoning market for biofuels in the world's wealthier 'post-industrial' nations. From Algeria, Fanon's "wretched of the earth" are rising in rage against the new (economic) colonialism. And from other nations, A-to-Z, around the world, we're reminded once again of the great prophet Bob Marley's words of wisdom: "a hungry mob is an angry mob." And with droughts plaguing South America's big commodity-crop exporters. flooding in Australia, and a degree of politico-economic instability in the United States that is unprecedented in living memory; the global food situation is unlikely to improve any time in the foreseeable future... especially considering that only three countries (the three A's -- America, Australia, and Argentina) supply nearly 80% of the world's cereal exports.



On The Verge Of A Global Food Crisis -- Forbes

World Food Prices Reach New Historic Peak -- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ...the FAO has only tracked a global 'food basket' of commodity prices since the early 90s, but Wall Street (ever-attentive to commodity prices) reported sugar at a 30-year high today, Feb. 3, 2011.

Global Food Prices Hit All-Time High As Violence Erupts In Yemen -- Forbes

Unilever warns of price rises as food costs soar -- The Guardian (UK) ...Interestingly enough, they didn't try to pin any of the blame on the big environmental NGOs (their roundtable partners) that are supposedly forcing them to source 'sustainable palm oil', 'responsible soy', and other exported monocrops that form a huge part of the current global food chain.

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