New Site

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The old site, which was designed to utilize free bandwidth and data processing from Google, was beginning too become unwieldy -- even as it languished without updates -- so I decided it was time for a redesign. Actually, I suppose it was quite unwieldy from the beginning. (Which could have a lot to do with why it 'languished'.) For anyone else to contribute content they needed a Blogger account, and it was all counter-intuitive and user-unfriendly. A big ugly hack. Based on a CSS template, which I reverse-engineered to include almost no CSS... totally tables. Muy primitivist.

Anyway, for anyone who noticed the change... There's no consistency in logos or color schemes because this is not a fucking corporation... If I've compromised the 'brand identity' of -- GOOD! If you're only paying attention to the pictures and colors then perhaps you deserve to be a bit confused.

The new site (i.e., this one!) is powered by the FREE/OpenSource 'content management system'; Drupal. So, it should be magnitudes more capable and scalable than the old hack job.

The old site will remain online and we'll all see how unwieldy it can get. I'll be migrating some of the better current content to the new site, you can help. :-) In the meantime, here's a link to the old site... most of the graphics and links are 'broken', but if you're handy with a web browser you can crudely navigate by adding the additional subdirectory 'retrolithic' to whichever link you're trying to view.