Are suburbs the new slums?

While this source article doesn't explore the issue very deeply (for instance, it's an article about the problems with suburbs in North America and it doesn't even mention the 'car culture' that plagues Suburbia and will surely worsen any blight and hinder any renewal) it does offer a short list of reference articles than can bring a bit more depth to the really rough synopsis of the data that this article provides. So, it's like... if you're interested then you can read more. And so it begins:

"A new report says more poor people now live in suburbs than in cities. What does that mean for those who live there?"  (continued...)

Cul-de-Sacs: Suburban Dream or Dead End?

I don't exactly remember how, but I ended up reading the wikipedia entry for "Cul-de-sac" and the footnotes led me to this very interesting article about the ill-consequences of that icon of suburbia with the funny French name. (continued...)

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