Poor Man's Apocalypse

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In the last couple of weeks it seemed like I was seeing one horrific murder-suicide story after another. (And I wasn't looking for them.) There were several instances of decapitation, and not in Iraq or Indonesia, but in the 'developed world'... the leading economies of the 'developed world'. In Japan a boy walked into a police station carrying his mother's severed head and a couple of similar intra-familial murders in the US ended in a less passive form of 'suicide' than that of surrendering to the state -- individuals in two different cases actually attempted to remove their own heads after killing their parent[s]. The one in California who made his attempt with a circular saw wasn't quite successful (he succeeded in killing himself, but his head didn't roll across the floor), but a determined German fellow proved that a chainsaw can do the job. And just before removing his head so clamorously, he stabbed his father to death. (continued...)

Stonehenges All Around Us -- by Craig Childs

Architectural relics and modern structures show that we may not be much different than our ancestors.

ARCHEOLOGISTS recently discovered what appears to be the other half of Stonehenge, illuminating what they believe is a much larger Neolithic complex than has long been envisioned. What is coming to the surface seems strangely familiar. Looking closely at Stonehenge and other Neolithic sites, we find the formative patterns of our modern world. (continued...)

The Neuroscience of Motherhood

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I had been doing a bit of reading about the 'hidden history' of Mother's Day (so much of the history we uncritically accept is a horribly skewed and blatantly propagandized version of what actually occurred), but I browsed my way to this very interesting article that summarizes some of the recent science regarding the physiological and psychological changes that accompany pregnancy and childbirth. And not just in women, but also men. (continued...)

A New Trend In Art? -- Anthropomorphic Representations of Roadkill

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I recently came across two mainstream press articles related to anthropomorphizing dead forest creatures for the sake of art. Perhaps it's just a strange coincidence that I find one such account yesterday and then another today, or perhaps this sort of thing is becoming more common. Either way, it caught my attention...

Some of the dead possums and raccoons have been dressed in pet or human baby clothes and have had their claws painted with nail polish. The carcass of a deer has been adorned with gold paint. (continued...)

Honeybee Die-Off Threatens U.S. Food Supply

I've been meaning to post something about the widening crisis among apiculturists in some of the world's most important food exporting nations. For those who havent been paying attention; beekeepers are reporting massive mysterious dieoffs in their hives...hives totally abandoned, without even the bodies of dead bees, yet untouched by foragers, among other strange symptoms. It's been termed Colony Collapse Disorder and I havent read one article about it that isnt quite alarmist (and rightly so), but this article from the Associated Press stood out. Not only is it thoroughly "mainstream", it's probably the most apocalyptic of all the bee extinction articles I've seen. (continued...)

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