Culture Sculpts Neural Response To Visual Stimuli, New Research Indicates

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Some interesting news from the neuroscientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign... apparently, as many have long believed, 'culture' clearly modifies even the adult brain. Of course the possible ways in which we are altered by our environment are nearly limitless -- if culture alters our visual perception at such fundamental levels then what about emotion or memory, or the very nature of consciousness.  (continued...)

Grace -- by Bia Lowe

Maybe I'm reading too much into this... in identifying many microorganisms by genus alone the author leaves some ambiguity as to whether or not this piece is actually 'pro-illness' (and from the context she seems to favor a harmonically balanced duality between commensal and predatory or pathogenic forms of life), but in any case I think this is a great poem/prayer and it seems to resonate in many ways with the cultural attitudes of this paradigm-shift toward the 'retrolithic age'. It dutifully highlights our inevitable intersubjective relationship with nature -- even those of us who rarely leave an urban apartment -- and it seeks to approach this relationship in an egalitarian manner (rather than the dominating & one-sided manner that is more typical of our global civilization) in a hope that we may find more beauty & serenity... more grace. I hope you all enjoy this aptly titled poem and, if you're the religious sort, perhaps it would even make a suitable prayer.  (continued...)

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