The Unholy Trinity: Death Squads, Disappearances, and Torture

In this excellent article by Greg Grandin, the history of U.S. involvement in decades of 'dirty wars', brutal dictatorships, and false democracies across Latin America is briefly explored in an effort to show that the current atrocities occurring in the global war against terrorism are really nothing new. They may have been refined a bit, to be more palatable for public consumption, but essentially nothing has changed. Just like the cold war and the drug war, the war on terrorism is nothing more than a contrived pretense for the wealthy elite classes of the world to wage unrestrained warfare against self-willed people and planet which stand in the way of their amoral quest for profit.  (continued...)

WTF WWF?!? -- Roundtable for Responsible Soy: Rejected! La Soja Mata.

They use so many dirty tricks against us. Age-old dirty tricks too, like 'image magick'. Using symbolic abstractions to mesmerize us... to mystify us. The environmental NGOs who sell their 'brand' for the purpose of corporate greenwashing.are certainly deeply involved in such dark magic... attempting to distract us with their mindfucking trickery while our mother is raped and our children are robbed. (continued...)

The Ecofascist Technocratic-Primitivist Utopia In Our Midst: a.k.a. "Yuppies With Spears"

When wealthy technophilic urbanites begin to catch-on to the notion of a 'retrolithic revolution', what will the inevitable niche markets & subcultures of late capitalism look like? I'm sure we can all imagine multiple possibilities, and yet, as often happens, the truth will probably be stranger than fiction... as is the case with this mindblowing report about a techno-primitivist-capitalist "tribe" that is supposedly already well organized and established in the northeastern United States. I'm still holding out some hope though that this article is actually fiction, but it's very subtle satire if that's the case. And it's likely that life would be imitating art soon enough, in any case. This is definitely a must-read... not only is it the first fresh content this site has had in quite a while, it's also the most unusual and also the most directly relevant piece that has EVER been posted here. So, enough hype... I'll let you get to it...   (continued...)

Talkin' Biofuel Business Blues

Politico-celebrity Al Gore was here in Buenos Aires last week, cashing in on a speaking engagement at the First Interamerican Biofuels Congress in the swanky Hotel Presidente Alvear. Apparently 'biofuels' are becoming the latest trend in 'sustainable development' since the major economies of the US and Japan are starting to take a considerable interest in supplementing petroleum-based liquid fuels with alternate liquid fuels like biodiesel and ethanol. Interestingly, as the subject of biofuels comes to the forefront of public consciousness so do all of the corresponding criticisms that have been developed over the years. Indeed, it seems the critics are actually getting more coverage than the proponents. (continued...)

Seeing Red: Eating Locally and Debunking the Red-Blue Divide -- by Barbara Kingsolver

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I just found this excellent article regarding (at least) two issues that I find extremely interesting, and which are rarely mentioned together -- food sovereignty and the false dichotomy of 'red states vs. blue states'. And of all the ways those issues are tangential, the author approaches it from a somewhat unexpected angle...cutting through the conventional symbolism and stereotypes by relating refreshingly real anecdotes. (continued...)

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