Talkin' Biofuel Business Blues

Politico-celebrity Al Gore was here in Buenos Aires last week, cashing in on a speaking engagement at the First Interamerican Biofuels Congress in the swanky Hotel Presidente Alvear. Apparently 'biofuels' are becoming the latest trend in 'sustainable development' since the major economies of the US and Japan are starting to take a considerable interest in supplementing petroleum-based liquid fuels with alternate liquid fuels like biodiesel and ethanol. Interestingly, as the subject of biofuels comes to the forefront of public consciousness so do all of the corresponding criticisms that have been developed over the years. Indeed, it seems the critics are actually getting more coverage than the proponents. (continued...)

Rooftop Wind Turbines Ready For Commercial Use

From Rooftop Wind Turbines Ready For Commercial Use : MetaEfficient:

I've been thinking a lot lately about appropriate technology and sustainable energy, and all the other aspects of a hypothetical 'urban ecovillage'. It turns out that I'm not the only person to be thinking along those lines and there's actually a lot of information relevant to the subject and already a lot of technology developed that would be suitable to the purpose.  (continued...)

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