We're Still Here!

...apocalypse is still around every corner and the afterculture is still being born. It's becoming so prevalent as to hardly be worth reporting. Hopefully you all notice, by now... Hopefully you're all consciously participating. (continued...)

The Ecofascist Technocratic-Primitivist Utopia In Our Midst: a.k.a. "Yuppies With Spears"

When wealthy technophilic urbanites begin to catch-on to the notion of a 'retrolithic revolution', what will the inevitable niche markets & subcultures of late capitalism look like? I'm sure we can all imagine multiple possibilities, and yet, as often happens, the truth will probably be stranger than fiction... as is the case with this mindblowing report about a techno-primitivist-capitalist "tribe" that is supposedly already well organized and established in the northeastern United States. I'm still holding out some hope though that this article is actually fiction, but it's very subtle satire if that's the case. And it's likely that life would be imitating art soon enough, in any case. This is definitely a must-read... not only is it the first fresh content this site has had in quite a while, it's also the most unusual and also the most directly relevant piece that has EVER been posted here. So, enough hype... I'll let you get to it...   (continued...)

The Garden of Simplicity: Expressions of Voluntary Simplicity and Their Implications

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Here's an interesting essay from the author of a book titled Voluntary Simplicity -- a label that also symbolizes a steadily growing sub-culture/social movement found in many post-industrial nations around the world. In the essay he briefly discusses the history of 'simplicity' as a lifestyle choice, and then goes on to detail several forms which that choice for simplicity tends to take in the United States. Though these 'diverse expressions' of simplicity are probably best read as arguments for simplicity... compelling reasons to choose a simpler lifestyle... since the distinctions that are made seem quite unclear, at times. The possible overlap of supposedly distinct expressions of simplicity, which the author concedes may occur, is really totally inevitable. Even for the simplest folks, it's impossible to do just one thing... and any one of these 10 approaches to simplicity would undoubtedly include or impact aspects of all the other 10 approaches. I guess that what I'm saying is that the essay seems unnecessarily complicated (ironic, I know), but it's still worth reading if you have the time.

read -- The Garden of Simplicity (continued...)

From the Mouths of Blasphemous Babes...

What happens when a culture and its myths begin to crumble? New ones seem to arrive before the old have even disappeared. New ones in the shell of the old, from the crumbs of the old... they merge and blend and fade into one another. This can already be seen occurring in places where the system is faltering, like among the children who are splitting their time between the homeless shelters and the streets of the United States. What can be learned from such phenomena? Is this innate creative potential a threat or a source of hope for our future?

"Captured on South Beach, Satan later escaped. His demons and the horrible Bloody Mary are now killing people. God has fled. Avenging angels hide out in the Everglades. And other tales from children in Dade's homeless shelters." (continued...)

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