We're Still Here!

...apocalypse is still around every corner and the afterculture is still being born. It's becoming so prevalent as to hardly be worth reporting. Hopefully you all notice, by now... Hopefully you're all consciously participating. (continued...)

Attack of the SpamBots! ...Retrolithic Determined to Remain an Ad-Free Blog!

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Due to an attack of pernicious and prolific spambots -- who either just now found the site or else just now developed the means to overcome our defense mechanisms -- I have had to disallow unregistered users from being able to post comments without approval. I do want to apologize for any inconvenience this causes; I know I personally prefer being able to post to a site without registering AND without waiting for my comments to appear... And, as time permits, I will be actively working on a technical fix that will allow this degree of functionality to be returned to this site. (continued...)

Technical Difficulties...

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Apologies to everyone -- to all of the faithful followers of the Retrolithic revolution -- I'm well aware of the difficulties that some of you are having when viewing this site with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser and I'm also sincerely sorry that there hasn't been any new content for some time.

The content should be coming shortly... but don't hold your breath for the CSS hack that would make the site look pretty in Internet Explorer. So, the best thing to do would be for that 30%+ of you to just switch to Firefox.

Thanks... and sorry.

New Site

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The old site, which was designed to utilize free bandwidth and data processing from Google, was beginning too become unwieldy -- even as it languished without updates -- so I decided it was time for a redesign. Actually, I suppose it was quite unwieldy from the beginning. (Which could have a lot to do with why it 'languished'.) For anyone else to contribute content they needed a Blogger account, and it was all counter-intuitive and user-unfriendly. A big ugly hack. Based on a CSS template, which I reverse-engineered to include almost no CSS... totally tables. Muy primitivist. (continued...)

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