Honeybee Die-Off Threatens U.S. Food Supply

I've been meaning to post something about the widening crisis among apiculturists in some of the world's most important food exporting nations. For those who havent been paying attention; beekeepers are reporting massive mysterious dieoffs in their hives...hives totally abandoned, without even the bodies of dead bees, yet untouched by foragers, among other strange symptoms. It's been termed Colony Collapse Disorder and I havent read one article about it that isnt quite alarmist (and rightly so), but this article from the Associated Press stood out. Not only is it thoroughly "mainstream", it's probably the most apocalyptic of all the bee extinction articles I've seen. (continued...)

Quotable Sources: Thomas Hardy

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If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst.

— Thomas Hardy

Quotable Sources: The Politics of Experience

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What has been, what might have been, what should be or might be. Can we describe the present in terms of its becoming what it isn't yet”- a term so frightening, so ominous, so cataclysmic, that it is sometimes easier to see the present already darkened by the shadow of a thermonuclear apocalypse than either envisage further declensions from that which our nostalgia absents us, or to see a redemptive dialectic immanent in the vortex of accelerating change.

— R.D. Laing

Police Kill 92 Year Old Grandmother In Her Home, Then Plant Marijuana To Make It Appear Justified

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While it's not at all unusual to hear reports of police officers conducting lethal predawn raids on the homes of entirely innocent Americans, this recent case seems particularly egregious because of the fact that the police actually confessed to planting three bags of marijuana in the house after murdering a frightened 92 year old woman in her bedroom (as if finding three small bags of dried flowers should excuse their lethal actions).  (continued...)

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